The cattle manures are obtained from the animal husbandry which for meat and milk. The number of meat farms about cattle calculated one of one. But milk farms of cattle is calculated as 2,7 times more. For Example, if there is 10 cattle for milk on a farm there is 27 animal on the farm for feeding (calf, bull etc. ).

Nowadays, many animal husbandry ownwers are getting the manıre to the fileds. So many of the useful materials are dissapperaring on the fermentation stage, because of the sunlights and the wind. As a result the manure losts its specialities as an effective manure .

However in our systems wihch are designed and developed by us, the fermentation time is decrasing, the useful elements on the manure are perotecting, C / N ratio could arranging on optimal value and adding the additive materilas are in control.

For more efficient organic manure which maintainde processed cattle manure, there must be some additive materials adding to it. So the manure is gained extra quality for plants and the ground. The cattle manures could indicate the urine so the manures to get organic manure quality high.The most effective way of using the cattle manure in an organic manure manufacturing facility, The biogas facilities shuold be construct next to them (for grand farms). The biogas which obtained from cattle manure can be used for heating the farm, heatinfg the manure for fermentation, producing the electricity and the organic manure manufacturing facility.

The cattle manures humidity is around %80. Decrasing the humidity ratio made by fermentation which takes more time, or using hot air condiitioning to the system, this way is more quick than normal fermentation. On the fermentation stage most of the seeds are losts its specialities. the temperature of fermantation must be between 35-70 celsius. Because more temperature could destroy useful elements in the manure and kills some microorganisms which made fermentation process in the manure.

The fermentation stage temperature between minimum 10 celsius - mazimum 70 celcius. The nutrition values have to be checked after the fermentation stage. On control stage if there is a wrong about macro elements and micro elements some materials must be added into the system. So our organic manure becomes an organo-mineralled manure and become rady for marketting.

To be considered as commerciali some additive materials providing us more quantitiy of manure with more quality. The mixing ratios must be decided by an agriculture engineer for the ground's features.

The manufacturing form could be dust form or pekket form. The cattle monures have many features about the ground needs and features.


The specifications of cattle manures are changeble on these conditions;

  • Young cattles or old cattles,
  • Living in covered area or open area,
  • The ratio of feeds,
  • The gruond protecting materials which stays below the animals.

For example, the C/N ratio is 60/1 for young animals, the same ratio is 20/1 for older animals in the farm.In the same ages of cattles manure has C/N ratio about 15/1, this ratio is suitable for plants. The main issue is preparing the suitable system for proceeding the manure with very very little losts to meet the ground needs. After this more necessary activity is making o project with the specialists of agriculture engineers at any university.