The Organic manure whic is essential for organic planting, has not just had any marketting standardisation. So we started a attempt for creating an "Organic Manure Market" in Konya. Our objectives are proven the quality of organic manure with analysis reports of the manures, with higher nutritive value, with answerer, manufactured homogenius, cleared of harmful microorganisms and suitable on pricing organic manures help to meet with the customers.

The organic manure usage which have to be groe up its usage on the fields but not growed up, this is why, some people who has hidden intent's have obstructed this sector. Therefore the customers when hear the Organic Manure, they have no parience to listen any words about organic manure. But the economical benefits of customers, the grounds need of the organic manure and the foods which grow up with organic manure is more healty. so because of this advantages of organic manure this negative condition have to be solved by anyone of us and the rliability has to be reached again. But How, fullfilled the matters which listed below, the usage of organic manure will increase on Turkey and World.

  • Licensed Produtc must meet eith the customers,
  • Homogeneous Products have to be manufactured.
  • Helaty Product - Not having any pathogen,
  • Cheaper Price instead of worty price,

For increasing the usage of organic manure, a field ( 5000 square meter) given for exhibition of manures and related sectors, accordint to your demands and this field has 30 km distance from The Center of KONYA. The reason of choosing this area is the people who using this road for going to the Mediterranean Sea around the Turkey. And approximately in every 3 seconds a vehicle passen in front of this area. Our field as you can see on left just next to the main road. This field will become active on 2013 first quarter.

Eighter manufacturing the organic manure as raw material or processed manıufacturer have to be applyed for taking advantage on this market. the field assignment made on the stage of application. On this field your goods will exhibiting domestic buyers and foreign buyers. The necessary information of first application are;

  • The analysis report of the products,
  • License of the products,
  • The example of packaging on sacks with 25 kg weight,
  • The payment conditions and the price according to this payment conditions,
  • If you want to give dealership, its rules,
  • Consignee product amount ehich could be given by you to Dealership,
  • Your opinion about manufacturing as fason with quaranteed analysis repert of the product in your trademark or not making fason manufacturing.

This activity will be started according to your demands and marketting activities will start to national and international market at the same time.

So we are waiting your applications...