The biogas handle from after the fermentation phase of animal oriented manures and domestic waste's on proper conditions. The egg chicken manure is the most effective raw material of biogas system. But the existing systems uses cattle oriented and domestic waste oriented manures as raw material.

Some areas using for Biogas Producing Facility on foreign countries with basis on domestic waste and sewage. The parts of the system is; pre-waste collection pool, pre-prepairing tanks before fermentation pool, fermentation tanks, desulfiration and filtering biogas collection tanks, the liquit waste tanks after fermentation, solid waste pools after fermentation.

On the Biogas Producing Facilities with more capacitied from domastic wastes, especially the capacity has more tham large towns domestic waste, the cogeneration systems are added to the system for pruducing electricity.

%20 of manufactıred biogas is used on the temperature control systems of fermentation pools, remaining percentage of biogas using for stocking as biogas or using on the cogeneration systems for electricity.