Leonardite is very valuable as a organic and not burninig material which placed between ground and coal layer. Its origins not an organic manure but it is very effective as a regulator of the ground. It helps to the ground become to available for organic food producing.

It is effective on especially hard, thirsty, sandy and limely grounds. It can be mixed with all kind of organic manure and animal oriented manures. With the water retention speciality, it increases the holding humidity capacity of the ground and preventing the erosion. The leonardite is indicates humic and fulvic acid which are useful for the plants.

This two materials are very very important for the ground. They are effects the plants efficiency with the percentage of %22 positively. The leonardite has long terms of effectiveness. It is possible to be jumped its efficiency with adding other animal oriented manures or adding directly NPK materials. In addition, even thoug in lower raitos of usage, it can be used as a animal feed additive material.

The quality of the leonardite has changable quality according to mining areas. For implementing a Leonardite Oriented Organic Manure Manufacturing Plant, the organic materials ( humic acid + fulvic acid )wihich exist's in the leonardire must be the value of %55. It has some specialities on the ground as filtering of air and the water.

For become a solution of the humic acid, the ph value has to be higher than 2 in the leonardite. The biological activity of the leonardite is 4-5 times more stronger than other organic materials. Leonardite become a mineralized material by the help of organic materials and microorganisms in the ground.